Ernest Hemingway

We define Florida authors as those who have written books or stories with a Florida setting.

They may or may not have lived in the state, but have painted word pictures of the state that stand the test of time.

Florida can even claim Ernest Hemingway as one of its authors because he wrote one book - "To Have and Have Not" - with a Key West setting.

Some authors who have lived in Florida are not included.  For example, Jack Kerouac lived and worked in St. Petersburg and Orlando, but none of his work was about Florida.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Sidney Lanier, on the other hand, didn't live in Florida but wrote one of the earliest and most compelling Florida travelogues.

No list could possibly be complete. There are just too many Florida writers to include them all.

 So we will start with just a few that we know something about.


A Land Remembered,  by Patrick Smith

Alas Babylon, by Pat Frank.

Naked Came The Manatee, by 13 Florida authors

The Day I Chased Away the Highwaymen, Mike Miller

All Travis McGee Novels, by John D Macdonald

What Is a Florida Cracker?, by Mike Miller

Mather's Bridge Remembered, by Mike Miller

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