E Lynne Wright

E Lynne Wright

E Lynne Wright

A native Pennsylvanian who loved books even before she learned to read, Lynne began turning out stories almost as soon as she learned to write.

As a junior high school student she was thrilled to have some of her articles concerning school activities published in her town’s local newspaper. After writing for the school paper during her first two years of high school, she was named editor for her last two years, and then was honored to be appointed editor for her senior class year book.

There wasn’t much time for writing while she attended classes in Pittsubrg. Upon completion became a registered nurse. Following a year of graduate work at the Neurological Institute
in New York City while also attending writing courses at Hunter College, Lynne returned to Pennsylvania, and in later years to Ohio.

She and her husband moved to Florida from Cleveland on their boat via the Great Lakes and Intracoastal Waterway.

Lynn has had several books published by Globe Pequot, including:

1. Florida: Mapping the Sunshine State Through History (2011)

2. Myths and Mysteries of Florida (2012)

3. Jerks in Florida: Speaking Ill of the Dead (2013)

4. Florida Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival (2017)

She has also had numerous stories published in magazines and fiction anthologies.

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