Numerous agencies of the State of Florida and dozens of non-profit organizations have information about Florida culture scattered all over the internet.  The problem is figuring out how to find what you're looking for.

Our mission is to make this website a single source for Florida history, art, theater, authors, books, stories, museums, art and craft festivals, annual events, heritage sites - and more.

Hippodrome, Gainesville, FloridaHippodrome, Gainesville, Florida is a new website whose goal is to provide a one-stop source of information about the many elements of the culture of the state. 

Florida's population has grown from less than 2  million in the years before World War Two, to an estimated 22 million in 2018.

It's easy to lose touch with the history, heritage, and culture of an area that is growing so fast.  The majority of the state's population were born elsewhere.  This website is designed to help them get to know about Florida.

It is also a place where natives of Florida and long time residents will enjoy the nostalgia of their state and be able to provide memories of their own.

Our goal is to organize this information in a logical way that's easy to search.

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    Jul 16, 18 12:26 PM

    The annual San Antonio Rattlesnake Festival is held on the third Saturday in October in a small town northeast of Tampa.

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